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Project designation Old Moreto Vineyards from Granja-Amareleja region
Project code ALT20-06-5141-FEDER-001153
Main Purpose Investments in the context of local development strategies
intervention region Alentejo
beneficiary entity Adega Cooperativa da Granja CRL
approval date 26-06-2021
Start date 10-01-2021
Date of the conclusion 03-31-2023
total eligible cost €68,000.00
Financial support from the European Union ERDF - €57,800.00
National/regional public financial support Not applicable

Objectives, activities and expected results
The Moreto Old Vineyards project in the Granja-Amareleja region aims to promote the History and Characterization of the Moreto old vines in the Granja-Amareleja region, located in the municipalities of Moura and Mourão.
General objective: The aim of this project is to promote the appreciation of the Ancient Vineyards of the Moreto variety in the Granja-Amareleja region, as an endogenous resource of the region of great interest in the field of wine tourism and which it is intended to boost by contributing to consolidate the Region as a tourist destination, reinforce its identity as a quality territory and attract more tourists.

Strategic objectives:
1. Promote and boost the Alentejo region as a tourist destination, namely within the scope of the local tourist offer linked to wine tourism and the Moreto grape variety;
2. Promote differentiating tourist experiences (virtual trips) linked to wine tourism and the Moreto grape variety characteristic of Alentejo
3. Promote the History and Characterization of the old Moreto grape vines in the Granja-Amareleja region;
4. Give visibility to the region and more specifically to the old Moreto vineyards in the Granja-Amareleja region through signage for visitors and promotion in international magazines;
5. Give producers of this type of variety the opportunity to promote their products and tourist offer.

This project provides for the followingactions:
Action 1 – Heritage Qualification and Promotion
Action 2 – Digital tools for dynamizing and promoting Heritage
Action 3 - Signaling Equipment
Action 4 – Communication and Dissemination of the Project
Action 5 – Project Monitoring.


Project Old Moreto Vineyards from Granja-Amareleja

This project is the responsibility and initiative of Granja-Amareleja Cooperative.

Founded in 1952, it has been producing olive oil and distinctive wines for 70 years. Wines with an Alentejo soul and in the pure tradition of the left bank of the river Guadiana. 

Due to the rarity and expression it achieves here, the Moreto variety is an ex-libris of the house. 

Project technical team

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